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I was having preteeng incest a hard time getting Incest stories with mom at 16. It’s likely she was jealous that her boyfriends started drooling over me. Was it my fault that I was developing so well? I have blonde hair blue eyes; my butt was not too big and not too small preteeng incest. Perfect most guys tell me. My chest is a perky 34b with bright pink nipples that like to poke out when I get horny. My belly is flat with just a little bit of baby fat that makes me look healthy, and by the way I have it pierced. Best of all guys say I have the face of an angel, and I love to smile.
When at home my clothes would always be skimpy. Sometimes just a preteeng incest and panties even when her boyfriends were over. They would just stare and whisper things like “oh my god” or “wow, wow, wow.” Finally mom started telling me to make incest sex pics fully dressed preteeng incest which I didn’t like a bit. I just felt better being free and I liked the attention I got from guys when my clothes were skimpy.
When mom came home and found her boyfriend rubbing tanning lotion on my back, she finally kicked me out. I had to move in with my dad who I haven’t lived with before. I didn’t even see preteeng incest in 10 years.
Dad was shocked to see me and kept looking me up and down at the airport. He was saying wow macayla you look great. You really filled out nice. You must work out to keep a body like that. It was kind of strange but kind of exciting at the same time.
When mother fucking son we got home Dad showed me the preteeng incest. My room is so nice and I am happy to be here. He showed me the hot tub out back and the preteeng incest. The master bath is really nice and has a sauna and big whirlpool tub in there. Dad has a big plasma screen TV too which is like 60 inches.
I was there for like 1\2 hour of preteen incest and decided to go for a swim. I got out my pink thong bikini and put it on with a towel over it. It showed so much and I hoped dad wouldn’t get mad. He was in the living room so I walked in. “Daddy, I am gonna go for a preteen incest, ok?” “Sure honey, anytime,” he said. But daddy all I have is a really little bathing suit, I hope you don’t get mad. “Sweetheart, I wouldn’t care if you went in nude, we have no neighbors.” I watched him looking at my sexy legs up and down and at the top where you could almost see my thong and my little pussy pushing through it. “But daddy you can see my preteen incest cuz it’s a thong. father fucking young virgin daughter and started shifting uncomfortably trying to hide a growing erection. “Here let me see,” he says as he pulls my towel off. There I stood almost showing all preteen incest in front of my dad who hasn’t seen me in years, and I know I was looking good. “Wow Macayla, you are a fox! I can’t believe you have a body like that at 14!! Turn around for daddy and let me see your preteen incest.” I was really shy showing so much already but I slowly spun around showing my nice teen ass. My nipples were getting hard cuz he was staring up and down. Dad leaned forward and pinched my preteen incest. He said “damn baby it’s so firm too, good for you hun. Now go get the sun block out of the bathroom and I will put some on you.”
I went to get the sun block and stopped for a moment in the bathroom. I realized I was wet from showing my body. I reached into my thongs and felt it. It felt so good to feel my clit and push in on it. I realized it turned me on to show my own dad my body. But as long as that’s all it is I guess that’s ok. I decided to relax and have fun with the tease that I know no guy could resist checking out.
I skipped happily back into the room with the sun preteen incest. Dad motioned me to sit on his lap. I sat down and heard him make a little moan as he watched and felt my ass come down on him. It felt good as dad started rubbing on the lotion. His hands rubbed all over my back. Then to my sides. It didn’t feel like just rubbing on lotion, more like he was enjoying touching my preteen incest. I felt nervous as his hands spread it to my belly. Then over my chest. “Calm down baby,” dad said. “It’s just sun block.” I let him feel them for a second then I jumped up and went 4 the swim.
When I was done I came in to take a shower. I started rubbing my pussy thinking about how exciting it was with dad touching me and looking at me like that. I came twice and hopped out the shower. I put a towel on and went downstairs.
Dad was watching preteen incest so I sat down. I could feel his eyes looking at my crotch trying to see beneath the towel. “Dad! I still got burned on my belly.” “Awe let me see it hun.””I can’t dad I’m not wearing anything under here.” He said,” sweetie I’m your dad it’s ok, you can trust your dad.” I started getting wet thinking bout showing him my whole body and was like whatever. So I walked over and opened my towel really slow cuz I was so nervous. I felt awkward, like I was offering myself to someone. He said “wow honey you are amazing, look at that pussy, clean shaved. And you have some perfect preteen incests. This sunburn isn’t bad honey.” I got chills as he ran his fingers over my belly where the redness was. Then he pulled me on his lap and said “don’t you worry about being shy around me.” I said ok daddy, lets to see incest sex galleries. We sat preteen incest there and talked about all kinds of stuff with his hard on poking through his pants under me.
I was soaked and he saw it. It was dripping out of my pink pussy. “Sweetie it looks like you are gonna get my pants wet, let me get that.” He reached down and grabbed the towel and pushed my knees apart. Dad started drying my pussy and I moaned. “mmmmm,ohhhhh, preteen incest.” “Does that feel good hun?” “I know it shouldn’t but ya daddy it does.” “It’s understandable hun, how bout this?” as he started using his hand to touch me. I lost control and lay back on the couch. My legs opened wide and he started rubbing my clit while I moaned. Since I was a virgin it was strange to have preteen incest touching me but I loved it. I was screaming yes so loud. He put his face down there and started licking it which drove me even crazier, it turns out that I am a squirter because when I came it went all over dad’s face. He got his hips between my legs. As he started taking out his cock I got worried. “No daddy, I am a virgin, no preteen incest!” “Mmm baby, I was hoping. You just stay still while daddy breaks you in and makes you a woman. You are going to be my sex toy around here. That will be your only chore.” I suddenly realized how good it would be to not have to do chores anymore and was thinking bout it when dad was already rubbing his huge cock on my clit.
I watched it and it was new to me. I brother and sister incest one before so it looked ugly. It looked as big as an arm and had a huge purple head. Against my perfect body it looked so foreign. He pushed it in some and I screamed. It hurt like hell while he was first going in. I was crying but remembered that it was supposed to hurt the first time. I just put up with it. I felt my stomach fill up as it went all the way in. He didn’t waste any time to go fast. I think he enjoyed me crying. He said “that’s right baby, feel the pussy rip apart for its first cock.” I just kept crying.
As the pain started to subside it started feeling better than preteen incest. The little bit of pain left felt good. I almost missed it. It started occurring to me that the control was a turn on. That I was at the mercy of this big cock and whatever it wanted. I kinda respected the thing. I didn’t want to let it down. I felt it getting bigger inside me and I had no clue what was happening. Suddenly dad pulled preteen incest out and said open your mouth Macayla, as he put it in front of my face. I opened my mouth and it stated cumming all over me and in my mouth. I swallowed what when in my mouth cuz it didn’t look like pee. Dad got up and walked away. I realized I had fun and wanted more.

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